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What is the 200 Club ?

The principle of the 200 club is that its members make a regular monthly payment by standing order and there is a regular monthly draw of which a percentage of 60% the income is given back to the members in first and second cash prizes each month. The remainder of the income is used to build up a fund for specific projects which will enable the AYC to improve facilities for its members. Its win-win for the 200 club members and the club.

How does it work ?

You purchase a share; each share costs £1.00 per month payable in advance on standing order, for each share purchased you will receive a unique number. You can purchase as many shares as you like. Your number or numbers are placed into a monthly draw which is held every month.



Good luck all those members who

 are currently in the club.


For members who are not in the 200 club and would like to join see the application  below.


Become a Member of the AYC 200 Club

Simple you complete a joining and standing order form these should be located in the clubhouse. State how many shares you wish to purchase each month. Example; one share will cost you £1.00 per month; two shares £2.00 per month, the more shares the better chance of winning. Once we have received the forms and standing order has been confirmed as set up by the club’s treasurer then you will be issued with your unique number or numbers.


Ensure form is sent by email to Linda McKay the administrator of the 200 club.


Please download the form below

AYC 200 Club Application Form


E-Mail to




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